About Wiresurfer

Wiresurfer is a business-to-business (B2B) marketplace that connects business telecom users to top telecom carriers. Our service allows businesses to find the right telecom services for their needs and lock-in the best pricing deals available. 

We're telecom experts. We've helped thousands of businesses. That means we understand that most businesses don't speak telecom and need some help defining what they need before understanding pricing options. Everything we do is designed to de-mystify and de-complicate the experience of finding the right telecom service at the right price. 

Our marketplace includes the most trusted, reliable telecom carriers in the US - all the big national players and the top regional and specialty carriers as well. We are not a "lead-generation" service that feeds customer names to carrier sales departments. Our carrier contracts allow us to finalize and document deals on behalf of carriers. The only hand-offs we do happen when our customers are ready for installation and billing. Even then we don't just go away. We follow through to ensure satisfaction.


Jeff Kaufman, co-founder, is an experienced entrepreneur and a telecom veteran. Jeff started his career in the printing and document management businesses, including sales and sales management roles at R.R. Donnelly and Ikon. He was co-founder and CEO of Cirqit.com, a pioneer in web-enabled document management. Jeff's telecom experience began in 2001 when he launched the telecom agency Linwood Communications. 

Michael Fallman, co-founder, is an experienced entrepreneur and reformed attorney. Mike practiced corporate finance and commercial real estate law as senior partner at the Boston law firm of Riemer and Braunstein, LLP., for twenty years. During his time as a practicing attorney, Michael co-founded a restaurant group called The British Beer CompanyHe left the practice of law in 2006 to operate and grow the chain to its current size of twelve highly successful and nationally acclaimed restaurants in the Boston area. The "BBC" currently employs over 800 people.

Jamey Bennett, director, is an experienced entrepreneur with extensive online marketplace experience. In 1994 Jamey founded BookWire.com, a marketplace connecting book printers and book publishers. He co-founded consumer lending marketplace LendingTree.com in 1996. LendingTree has since facilitated over $200 billion in consumer loans. Jamey also founded LightWedge, a consumer products company, in 2001. 

Jeff and Mike at the Wiresurfer Launch

Jeff and Mike at the Wiresurfer Launch

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