If you are the telecom manager/buyer for your company or a telecom consultant/contractor, you are in the right place!

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Do your clients think of you as their telecom superhero?

Let Wiresurfer give you telecom superpowers!

  1. Use this page to tell us about you and about your client's needs.

  2. One of our reps will review what you've described and quickly get you some excellent options in a format you will be proud to present to your client. (For continuity, you and your client will work with the same Wiresurfer rep all the way through installation.)

  3. Discuss the options with your client. Your rep will be happy to join you on as many calls as your client needs to get to a decision. 
  4. Once your client makes a decision, your rep will prepare a concise package of all the necessary documents to complete the order and stand by to answer questions.
  5. When the docs are complete, we'll make sure the installation details are set and then follow through to make sure your client is doing the happy dance. 
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Client's Primary Business Phone Number
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Client's Primary Service Address
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When do you need the service to start?