Step One:

You tell us a few things about you. The more we know, the better we'll do at getting you connected with the right services from the right carriers at the right price. Five minutes, tops.

[If you are an experienced telecom expert recommending/managing telecom services for a client company, get started here.]

Step Two:

Our gurus review what you've told us. Then we prepare a few options that fit your needs. You'll get an email from us within one business day. Usually it's quicker than that. 

Step Three:

We review your options with you. Yes, it's usually necessary to have a chat. Don't worry, we're nice. We want to help you make the best choice for your business among multiple good options.

Step Four:

You pull the trigger. Each carrier has their own required set of documents. We'll make sure everything is done just right. We're not finished until your new services are up and running and you are doing the happy dance. 


Don't Freak Out!

If you have questions, call us at 1-855-978-7337 to talk with a Wiresurfer telecom guru. We'll sort it out. 

Or click on the live chat tab below. We can do it that way too. 

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When do you need your service to start?